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Waiora Detox Products
Distributor # 98210
DNR Light Energized Solutions
Distributor # 110738
Wachters Organic Sea Products
Distributor # 11735
Washington Homeopathics
Bach Flower Essence
Stressline Equine Products
Alkaline Health Product  
Distributor #259623    
Need an energy boost? Use L-Argenine in your water bottle. Gives a 4 hour boost and increased circulation.
SynRgy Distributor # 1463135 800-431-7660
Need electrolytes? Use H3O packages in your water bottle from Herbalife. Very high quality.
Herbalife Distributor # 10Y0232919 866-866-4744
Too busy for lunch? yet you need a midday boost also for your mind? Use Kyani Sunrise. The little packages taste good.
Kyani Distributor #255442   208-529-9872
Ate too much for dinner? Stomach cramps or gas? Use Dynamite Elixer. One ounce in a glass of water.
Dynamite Marketing
Distributor # 6931


Looking for the high quality vitamins and minerals? Use Wachters Futera 200. All Wachters products are made with sea vegetation. The iodine in sea vegetation may improve your thyroid balance.
Watchers Distributor # 11738   800-682-7100
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