Bio-Energy Analysis for horses and people



Anneke Talsma with Frisia Armani.   Willemina with Frisia Shaheen. Willemina De Boer with Frisia Mameluk.

November 23rd Anneke Talsma came in second place in the 50 mile endurance race with Frisia Armani.
November 23rd Willemina De Boer came in 3rd place with Frisia Shaheen and won best condition award.
November 24th Willemina came in first place with Frisia Mameluk and won best condition award.

Willemina and Anneke taking a break on at the vet check

Energy work for Potato Richardson on the Tevis Trail 2010

Lee Ann Rust: Willemina, thank you so much for your help
- Harley & Lee Ann Rust, living the dream
2011 WPRA Rookie of the year
2011 CFR Finalist

Mameluk won the 50 miles enduance ride on November 26, 2011.
He also had the highest vet score and the best condition award.

The Tevis Cup Result's.
Pictured above is SMR Fillouette owned by Potatoe Richardson,
ridden by Willemina De Boer finishing 7th place.

Frisia Shaheen, winning 35 miles in Ft Stanton Pioneer ride, plus the best condition award.

Mike Godfrey, winning 5 medals for the Special Olympics trial in Colorado Springs in march 2012.
Mike receives Energy Healing from Regan Golob and Willemina De Boer

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